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Nike Men’s Downshifter 6 Running Shoe Review

Nike has always been a promising brand in the men shoe industry. With Nike Men’s Downshifter 6 Running Shoe Review, you will get to know another model of them which is interesting enough to notice.

There is the brand value but brand value alone can never create a quality product. Therefore, let’s have a look at the Nike Men’s Downshifter 6 running shoe review to get the details.

Nike Men's Donwshifter 6 Running Shoe    Nike Men's Donwshifter 6 Running Shoe

Construction & Features 

As we are talking about the brand Nike here, you can expect a ton of features from this model. Nike has always been able to come up with great products and this is another reflection of that.

The mesh body looks slim and slick. The body is not cent percent synthetic but there is enough in it to make the shoe glow. Like other famous Nike models, the shoe is dust frees (the top area) but because of the structure of its sole, the sole attracts mud.

The no sew design is another highlight of Nike shoes and especially to the Downshifter model. You will not see any visible sew lines from any angles of the shoe. Obviously, there are some at the inner side but the shoe is mostly based on hard glue.

Overall, the features look promising like any other Nike models as most of the premium Nike features were used in this product.


Fitting & Sizing Appearance 

Nike has the most number of options when it comes to sizes for your feet. They have almost all sizes of this model no matter how tiny or big are your feet.

Even though, it is important that you have a measurement of your feet using the Nike guide so that there are no chances of accidents. As Nike does not offer refund for this model, it is important that you be careful on the first go.


  • The brand Nike has a brand value attached
  • Lots of color options for everybody
  • Enough size variations for each type of feet
  • Good body mesh for glossy look
  • Balanced and low heel based shoe


  • Price is on the higher end due to the brand value
  • The sole gets damaged with uses


Nike Men’s Downshifter 6 Running Shoe Review FAQ

Question 1: Does Nike Men’s Downshifter 6 brings shoe insert?

Answer:  No. Nike does not bring the shoe insert.

Question 2: What type of Insole Nike Men’s Downshifter 6 has?

Answer: The insole of the shoe is denser than the foam which is memory foam. It will make you very much comfortable with the shoe.

Question 3: What Does the D mean 8 D?

Answer: Here D means the wide fit. E is the regular fit. If you need a wide shoe 8D will be perfect. Here D means the wideness of the shoe.

Question 4: Is there any warranty on Nike Men’s Downshifter 6?

Answer: Sorry there is no warranty available with this product.

Question 5: Is it Good for running on an uneven surface like off-road or trail?

Answer: Yes, this shoe is very much stable so that you can be comfortable running on the uneven surface. Firstly, it may cause pain. But afterward, it will be comfortable for you.

The Verdict

Overall, Nike Men’s Downshifter 6 running shoe is a cool shoe to go for if you are a man of high brands. There are similar options out there in the market but not many of them can fight with the brand value that this brand offers gifts.

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