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New Balance 990V3 Running Shoes Reviews

New Balance Men's M990v3 Running ShoeNew Balance 990V3 Review for Men and Women – New Balance has always been the pioneer and path shower when it came to road runners. The company has been producing quality footwear for both men and women for a long time now. One of the finest models that the company came up with is the New Balance 990V3 which is the perfect running shoe for both male and female feet. What do you want in a shoe? Well, you want performance and good looks. If you are one of those generic people who have these same demands then New Balance 990V3 is surely going to make you completely satisfied.


New Balance 990V3 Running Shoes Description


New Balance WoMen's 990v3 Running Shoe

A shoe (whether it is with your suit or a track pant) is never a simple tool to run or walk. A shoe is always a lot more than that. There is a saying that ‘A shoe will always tell whether you are smart or not.’ Shoes bring class and quality in you and therefore the appearance part is as important as the performance. Fortunately, the New Balance 990V3 Running Shoe has a cool design with funky looks that will bring color to your running life. The big ‘N’ represents the brand name in every shoe. There are around six color options available for women where the options for men are a few more. The design is similar in each of those colors, so you will only have to choose the color that goes with you.

Design of the Sole

New Balance Men's M990v3 Running Shoe sole

It is very important that a running shoe has the perfect sole design. Previously, the company (New Balance) faced complaints about their sole designs as people said that their soles cannot grab wet roads perfectly. They redesigned their sole concept with 990v3 New Balance, and it is a much better one now. The sole will bring stability and increase your balance in both tough and easy roads. People do not run fast like a race while they are jogging. The company kept that in mind and built a sole that perfect goes with jogging mode. The sole is easily bendable without showing any shapes at the top area. You can quickly climb a mountain or go down to a cliff wearing these. Nobody cares much about the pattern of your shoe unless you are a detective. The pattern is bumpy and bouncy which should not be a problem.


New Balance Men's M990v3 Running Shoe InsideA big problem that many athletic shoes face is the heavyweight. Shoes are not that weighty, and you will not feel any weight in general or even while you are walking. Things change when you start running. After a few minutes of running (depending on your strength), you will start feeling that the shoe is heavier than before. Your feet will have to work harder now to bring the shoe up and down continuously. Well, the good news is that this model will not let you feel that way. The 990v3 New Balance Running Footwear doesn’t have a lot of items inside. Therefore, there is no reason that why you will feel that extra weight.



Why would you even think of wearing a shoe if it is not comfortable? Forget about the look, performance or anything else. If a shoe is not comfortable, then there is no point in buying that, wearing that or even looking at that for the second time. Interestingly, comfort varies from person to person regarding shoes and for most people; this is a very comfortable option. The design is flexible which means that you will not have to force the shoe while you are running fast or changing directions.

New Balance Men's M990v3 Running ShoesPros

  • Completely made of leather and mesh
  • Comfortable air circulation inside
  • Both men and women can run with this shoe
  • Made in the USA which guarantees quality


  • Not very durable in the long run

Conclusion of New Balance 990v3 Review

Overall, this is a cool running shoe to go for considering the fact that one shoe can be applicable for both men and women. The comfort features are important and enough to be satisfied with here. There are different sizes and colors to satisfy different tastes and desires. Therefore, if you are feeling like running, you now know the shoe that you need for that.

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