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New Balance 574 Pique Polo Review for Mens & Womens

What is that one thing that every runner needs? Well, it is water and nutrition to be alive but does not forget the importance of a quality running shoe. We will do a New Balance 574 Pique Polo Review in this article. The name sounds massive but does not worry. The product is good enough to support most of your running needs at ease.

New_Balance_Men's_ML574    New Balance Women's WL574 Pique Polo Collection Runner Sneaker


Construction & Feature of New Balance 574 Pique Polo

The New Balance 574 Pique Polo Pack Runner Sneaker review actually covers both Men’s and Women’s versions of the shoe as they are pretty much same in terms of the features.

  1. New Balance Men’s ML574 Pique Polo Pack Classic Runner Sneaker

  2. New Balance Women’s WL574 Pique Polo Collection Runner Sneaker

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The first thing that you will love is the availability of different colors. Though they all come in same design, they are worth noticing.

The fabric is a lot similar to the other running shoes in the market. The standard synthetic body is durable. Though the body is not completely dust resistant, it is good enough to clean at ease. The lace up feature helps it while you are running on uneven grounds. The sides are flexible, and it is easy to even climb a standard mountain with this shoe.

The padded footbed will ensure a comfortable experience for your feet. This is crucial because if you are a regular runner, you might find moles and rashes on your feet without a padded lower area.

Fitting & Sizing Appearance of  New Balance 574 Sneaker

A ton of size options is available for both men’s and women’s versions of this model. The shoe fits most legs, but even then, it is important that you double check your international feet size before ordering the shoe. The sizes vary a little from country to country and keep that in mind while ordering to be on the safe side. The company offers refund and re-ships which will help if required.


  • Lots of available colors to pick
  • The rubber sole provides balance
  • The side heel helps in tough situations
  • Padded footbed is there for extra comfort
  • The lace up nature will keep your tasks easy


  • All colors come in same design
  • There is no shoe for big feet people

The Verdict

Overall, the New Balance 574 Pique Polo is a good model to go for if you are a regular runner. If you are into occasional running, you may check some other models but if you are regular with your legs, it is definitely a good option to go for.

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