How To Clean Tennis Shoes

How To Clean Tennis ShoesTennis shoes are very comfortable and they provide great support to the users. If you want to use your tennis shoes for a long time, there are some take care needed for them. Otherwise, they will be damaged very soon. There are so many ways to take care of your tennis shoes. The very basic way to keep your shoes useable for a long time is to keep them clean. But you should follow the right way to take care of them. Otherwise, it will not work. Cleaning tennis shoes is an easy task if you know the actual method. Here I am going to write an article with the detailed instruction which you can follow to clean your tennis shoes.

Use a Brush: When you use your tennis shoes, it gets so many things from the ground. Some of the dirt are big and some are small. If you want to make them wearable for your daily purpose, you need to remove them from your shoes. The best thing to do this task is to use a brush. Not a soft brush. Use a little bit hard brush instead of a soft one. Use the hard brush to clean all the dust and debris from your shoes. Don’t forget to clean the sole of the shoe. Don’t use the same brush for the upper and the sole. Use two different brush to clean your tennis shoes. Remove all the dirt from the sole. Make sure there is no debris in the sole and no hard dirt in the sole. After brushing the shoe, shake it to remove the dust and debris.

Lace: Most of the users think they don’t need to clean the lace. But this is so much important. If you want to keep the shoes look like new, it is necessary to keep clean the lace. First, remove them from the shoe and then wash them lightly with soap and after. After get them dry, use again. If the lace is not so much dirty, you can also use a brush to clean them.

washing tennis shoesClean the Insole: Sometimes we forget about the inside of a shoe. But you will put one them again in the next day. So, it is highly needed to clean the insole of the shoe. Clean insole will keep your shoes usable and healthy for the feet. To clean the insole, remove them from the shoe. If the insole is not removable, you need to clean them from the inside. If it is removable, completely remove the insole from the shoe and clean it with a brush. If it is so much dirty, use some soap and water with the brush to clean the insole. After washing them, keep in a dry place to dry them.

Wash the Shoes: Though I recommend using brush to clean a tennis shoe, but sometimes they got so much dirty and the brush is not enough to make them clear. But do this process only a few times in a month. Excessive wash can damage your shoes. How To Clean Tennis Shoes? It is easy. First take some water in a water holder and take some soap or shampoo. Mix the shampoo or soap with the clean water to make a mixture to clean the shoes.

Now use the brush to clean the shoe with this liquid. Firstly, clean the upper side of the shoes. Use a soft brush in this step. Some of the areas may difficult to clean. Use the soap directly on those areas. Keep them 5-10 seconds and use the brush to clean the area. After washing the upper side of the shoe, this is the time to make clean the sole. Firstly, clean the sides of the sole with a hard brush. Use your one hand to hold the shoe and use another hand to use the brush on them. After cleaning the dirt, wash the shoes with some fresh water.

After doing the above process, keep your shoes in a dry place. It will take hours to get dry the shoes. Don’t dry the shoes in the direct sun heat. It may damage the color of the shoes. After doing the above processes, you will get a pair of shoes which look like the new.

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