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Men’s & Women’s Brooks Addiction Walker Review

Are you searching an honest brooks addiction walker review? Do you want to know about the details of this shoe? Then stay tuned with me.

When you are doing your workout, it is so much important to choose the right pair of shoes. For each special workout, there are different shoes available in the market.

Most of the shoes are suitable for running or other workouts. But when you want to order a pair of shoe which is suitable for walking, it is tough to take the decision. But you can go for the Brooks addiction walker without any doubt. This shoe has designed for any type of walker.

No matter if you are a person with overweight or your feet is flat. This brooks walking shoe is suitable for any kind of feet and it is so much comfortable on any surface. This shoe has brought a revolution in the footwear which is so much popular to the customers.

Brooks Mens Addiction Walker Walking Shoes Brooks Womens Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Who is Suitable for this Shoe?

The brooks addiction walking shoes are great for any type of users. No matter if you got a flat foot and you are suffering a lot with this problem and you are not finding the best one for you.

This shoe pair will suit you without any issue. Any serious walker can go for the product. This shoe is also suitable for the overweight people.

It is durable enough to use for a long time. There are two different shoes for men and women. So, no need to search for different shoes for you and your partner.

What are the Core Features of this brooks addiction walker?

Brooks Mens AddictionFitting: When I searched for the best walker shoes and the problems. There is a common complaint from the people.

They are suffering about the perfect size. But when you are going to purchase this Brooks addiction walker, you can stay secure about this. There are so many sizes available of this shoe.

You can easily choose the best suitable size from this variety of size. This is a lace up style shoe. It can also be found in the Velcro strap-type closure which is suitable in a hurry.

There is no need to spend extra time for the lace. Just wear the shoe and you are good to go. There are also available so many colors with so many outlooks.

Comfortable: When we purchase a shoe pair, the most important thing is the comfort. Surely, you will not buy a shoe pair which is not comfortable.

But I strongly recommend this shoe if you want to stay comfortable in all day long. This shoe is made of leather and the sole is synthetic.

This sole is also slip resistant which keeps you safe on some difficult surfaces. Also, used the MOGO midsole which is an award-winning technology.

This midsole gives superior cushioning and reduces the shock felt. S-257 Cushsole included in this shoe for the maximum comfort of the user. The energy-efficient midsole compound used as an insole board for great support to the flat foot. Designed with full-grain leather upper for comfort and soft feel during walking.

Price: This brooks addiction walkers come with a very reasonable price. It is not so much high if you think about the features of it.

There are some other models with the same price but t they don’t have the features like this one. So, if you are searching an affordable shoe pair with great durability, my advice is to go for this shoe.

Suitable for Overweight People: Though you will find so many walking shoes with the same price but most of the shoes are not suitable for the people who is overweight.

But you can stay secured with this pair. This walking shoe of Brooks has designed with linear platform technology which makes it durable and appropriate for obese people.

There are a lot of satisfied customers with heavyweight and they are not facing any major issues with this pair. But keep in mind this is a lightweight walking shoe which is not suitable for running.

Brooks Mens Addiction WalkerGood for Bunions: This shoe gives a spacious toe box to squirm your toes. Which is suitable for included solace.

The shoe similarly offers enough space to accommodate the unbearable bunions and reduce the bunion torment and keep the user comfortable and safe.


  • Made of leather for the durability.
  • Synthetic slip resistant sole.
  • Hydroflow provides excellent cushioning and shock absorption.
  • To keep the user comfortable, included full grain leather upper.
  • Flexible and fit with feet without hassle.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Only suitable for walking as this is a super lightweight shoe. So, you need to order a different pair for running.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How to stay secured about the size of the shoe?

Answer: Order one half size larger than normal for relaxing of your feet and comfortable fitting.

Question: Are these shoes are slippery on the wet surfaces?

Answer: Not at all. The sole is made of synthetic which is slip resistant and there are no complaints from the existing customers.

Question: Explain to me what is the difference between width’s B, D, M, and 2E?

Answer: The B and M are the same which is the meaning of medium, standard width, and the D is a little wider than the previous models. The 2E is extra wide for the persons with a big foot.

The Verdict

Finally, I want to say this is one of the best brooks addiction walkers which has a reasonable price. It is the ultimate durable shoe which is using by the customers for years and there are no big issues with them.

If you are a serious walker and you are in the search for the best shoe for your daily use, you are good to go. I personally a big fan of this shoe because of the great quality.

Here I have covered most of the features in my brooks addiction walker review. For more info, you can visit the product page.


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