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Top 7 Best Work Boot Brands Reviews

There are a lot of work boot brands here and there but do you know which the best work boot brands out there are? Well, don’t worry as we have prepared a simple branding class for you in this article which will help you to figure out the best work boot brands of this time.  It is very important that you understand and know about the brands before you approach to the product. There is a saying that if a customer is familiar with the product brands, it will be easier for him or her to take decisions. Let’s know about the brands to make your decisions smarter. “To see the top recommendation of the best work boot brands click here

Red Wing

red wing work boots

Red Wing is a brand that is known for the reliability and top wears that it produces. The brand has been there in the market for a decade now and you can actually depend on Red Wing when it comes to durability and class combinations.

If you are a New Yorker, there is a high chance that you have seen Red Wing boots in the streets. They are super famous and the company wants it to be like that. This is the reason that why they produce shoes at a very reasonable price with enough features to get excited about. All in all, if you are a shoe lover or to be specific, if you are in need of a work boot, you need to know the name of Red Wing.


keen work bootKeen is a comparatively new company when it comes to the shoe industry. The company is built in America by Americans (Made in America dream) and the head office is in Portland, Oregon. The company has been operating worldwide since 2003 and it already made a mark with its brilliant products.

No shoe company has made it big (around 300 million worth of sale) within this much time apart from the Keen. The footwear company is great in terms of products and especially the work boot industry ones. They are quickly turning out to be the alternate name of the best work boot brands out there. If you haven’t tried a Keen product yet, you should do so right now!


Wolverine work bootDoes the name sound familiar to you? We are not taking about the man with big claw hands here. We are talking about a powerful boot brand which is as strong (even more at times) like the character Wolverine. If you are one of those people who love old and established brands then this is one of the finest ones that you will find around.

The company was setup in 1883 and the age is around 150 years right now. Don’t you think you should believe in a company that is making boots for more than your age? The public footwear company produces a ton of types when it comes to footwear. This is a global company and you can easily trust them in terms of quality.


Caterpillar work bootIf you have thought that the brand Caterpillar (popularly known as CAT) only produces big cars then you are dead wrong. The company has a very strong foot department and they produce brilliant shoes for mostly tough situations. For example, the company produces shoes that you can use while climbing up to a mountain when it is raining heavily. The brand CAT is a brand that is known for durability and strong attitude. They made sure that these two variables are reflected with their shoe brand too.

Caterpillar is not that old in the shoe business but their growth rate is super high and promising. Therefore, you will definitely be happy if you are using a CAT shoe in those tough situations.

Timberland Pro

Timberland Pro work bootTimberland is probably one if the finest and most popular brands around the world when it comes to footwear. The company does not produce fancy shoes for parties and that is one of their strong sides. The company actually is familiar and known for tough situation boots. If you have seen Timberland pro ads, you can relate to the brand image immediately.

They do not tell you to go for their shoes because they are cute. The brand tells you to go for their shoes as those are heavy, those are durable and those are sustainable no matter what happens around them. This is a brand that you can trust with premium quality support and customer care. Timberland pro is a brand of need.

Muck Boots

Muck Boots work bootThe boots of this company are familiar as Muck boots but the actual name of the company is Muck products. The journey of Muck boots started in 1999 and you can consider them as a fairly new brand in this world of footwear. They believe in one simple philosophy. Though their boots are for tough situations, the boots are very comfortable inside.

Think about it for a second. If you are walking in heavy rain, you at least want something that gives you comfort and Muck Boots will be your friend in those situations. According to the company, their sole interest is to produce products that are comfortable, unique and premium quality. If you want a trusted brand for your next boot purchase, consider this one for sure!


Chippewa work bootThe boots are popularly known as the Chippewa boots but the company or the brand is formally known as Chippewa Shoe Manufacturing Company or the CSMC companies. This is one of the oldest companies which born in USA on 1901. There has been more than one hundred years that the brand is successfully providing quality boots and footwear for the people not only in USA but also around the globe.

The Chippewa brand is now owned by Justin Brands who acquired the brand from their original company in 1984. The old brand was good but the new one is even better. You can trust them with all your life. The shoes of Chippewa will keep you happy in all situations.

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Summary of the Best Work Boot Brands

Knowing about the brands is as important as knowing about the individual products. This will help you to decide which one to pick and which one to ignore. While you are buying a product, you are not only buying a simple shoe. You are actually buying an image. Therefore, take your time while you are choosing a brand for your legs.

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