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Best Waterproof Work Boots Reviews for Men and Women

You have a sky on top of your head where you live, right? It is awesome to see those magnificent rains pouring out from the sky when you are staying inside your home on that comfy bed. Now think about this scenario. What if you are in the middle of the road while it is raining out cats and dogs? Yes, only the best waterproof work boots can save you at those times and that is exactly the motto of this article. We combined some of those best waterproof work boots for this article which will help you to feel and enjoy those rainy days with dry legs. To see the top recommendation of the 10 best waterproof work boots click here.

Waterproof work boots are rare to find for some reason. Most companies did not really think about this specific niche for the last ten years or so. The days have changed and more and more people are now working and they do not stop even in the heavy storms. Therefore, it is important to have quality boots to support their needs.

Best Waterproof work Boots For Men

Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot

timberland proTimberland has been a promising brand in the world of waterproof work boots and this is one of their finest products. The reason that this is a bestseller is because of the variable options that this model provides to a customer. There are both wide and standard size options along with tons of sizes for all feet. There are enough color variations to be satisfied about too. The sole is made of pure rubber and it is made in a way so that you do not slip while walking on rain roads. That is an important advantage that many don’t think about.


  • Waterproof leather body
  • Lasts long enough to go almost a lifetime
  • Enough variable options in terms of color, size and models
  • A standard heel always helps


  • The shoe has a oily look that many don’t like

Timberland Men’s Flume Waterproof Boot

Timberland Mens Flume Waterproof BootWhile it is raining like cats and dogs, you will not be interested to show your ruggedness via shoes in most cases. Even though, there are people who love to do that and if you are one of them, this is going to enhance your interest. The Timberland Flume is a boot that reflects ruggedness being waterproof and a tough model for the long run. One great part of this shoe is the d ring lacing. The lace is very good and rain or excessive water will not have any effect on the lace or the shoe patches. You can depend on this one.


  • The shoe is made of complete leather (waterproof leather)
  • A standard size heel will keep your feet safe in rain
  • The ruggedness is reflected properly
  • Very durable in the long run


  • Not enough color variations to be satisfied about

Timberland Pro Men’s Direct Attach 8 Inch Waterproof Workboot

Timberland Pro Mens Direct Attach 8 Inch Waterproof WorkbootThere is a perception that when it is regular times, you can basically go for any brand you want. On the other hand, when it is a crucial time, always depend on the brands that are established, well known and reputed for delivering quality products. Rainy weathers are special and therefore, you need to depend on a brand like this and obviously, on a product like the Pro.

The Timberland pro will be able to meet all of your requirements. The shoe does not only offer quality, it also reflects that class that you always wanted in a shoe model.


  • Pure thinsulate insulation of 400g
  • Quality rubber to protect against rain
  • Very durable
  • Enough size options to choose from


  • Not enough color options

Timberland Pro Men’s Titan 6 Inch Waterproof Safety

Timberland Pro Mens Titan 6 Inch Waterproof SafetyAs you can get it from the name, the shoe reflects on a lot of variables for an average worker who has to go to work in rain as well as in hot sun. There are some shoes built specifically for rain purposes and the good news is that this is not one of those types. This is a shoe that you can wear while it is raining and at the sunny times too. The shoe is classy in general and the color that you get is brown. Like other Timberland shoes, this is also pure leather and the experience is super comfortable inside.


  • 100% imported materials
  • Pure leather
  • Great shaft area inside
  • Safe in rain


  • Only one color available (Brown)

Timberland Pro Men’s Hyperion Waterproof Work Boot

Timberland Pro Mens Hyperion Waterproof Work BootDoes the word hyperion sound familiar to you? Well, this is one of the finest boots that the brand has ever produced. Guess what? Timberland actually produced quite a few of great shoes for rainy days. The sole that this shoe has is vibram and you can actually run without any problem while wearing this shoe during rain. There are sizes available for almost everybody and this is a great shoe for even hiking too. The main idea was to produce a shoe which is great for the rainy days but also good for common days too. It looks like this is the one!


  • Amazing design
  • Quality sole (no slip guaranteed)
  • Very durable
  • Pure rubber made and good for hiking


  • Only one design and color option

Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift Plain Soft Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar Men second Shift Plain Soft Toe Work BootDid you know that Caterpillar is one of the best waterproof work boots makers on this planet? Yes, they do not only produce big cars, they produce quality shoes too and they kept the brand name same. You can depend on their shoes for any of your needs whether you are crossing an ocean or it is simply drizzling outside. The 2nd shift plain soft toe is a general model that everybody can use without thinking much. The shoe looks cool and there are different size options (standard and wide) with various length metrics. You will love this model.


  • Great brand value
  • Completely synthetic sole
  • Good heel (long)
  • Standard soft platform


  • Not everybody like long feet shoes

Best Waterproof work Boots For Women

Timberland Pro Women’s Titan Waterproof Boot

Timberland Pro Womens Titan Waterproof BootThe best part of the brand Timberland is that it cares for women as well as they do for men. Many think that a Timberland only produces male friendly model which is not true and that is why, this model has been the best seller for many years. The pro women’s titan is a model that you can wear almost anywhere. Given that girls like something special, the shoe has a steel toe along with a great shaft for your comfort. This is not a shoe that you will wear on parties and that is not the purpose either. This will keep you safe in even heavy rains.


  • Quality leather made
  • Great shaft size (6 inch)
  • Super lightweight
  • Enough size options


  • Does not have a heel

Safety Girl II Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot

Safety Girl II Steel Toe Waterproof Work BootSafety Girl is a brand that girls trust and when they came up with the work shoes that are waterproof, it did not take much time for those to become popular. The shoes are well made and the best part is that those are durable. If you are one of those girls who care for the design and the colors of the shoe, there is a high chance that you will not be satisfied with this model. But if you are someone who cares for the performance, this is the exact one that you were looking for till today for sure.


  • Very durable
  • Safe shoe for heavy rainfall
  • Nubuck upper mode
  • Great outsole


  • Not a great design or color

Justin Womens Gypsy Waterproof Round Steel Toe

Justin Womens Gypsy Waterproof Round Steel ToeIf you are one of those girls who want to wear premium shoes be it on an event or in a rainfall then this is the one that you should go for. The shoe is built in a way so that it can be worn in every setting. There is a high chance that you have never seen a design like the one that the Gypsy model has. They are different, they are premium and they are unique at the same time.  If this is a combination that excites you, you should go for this model. You will definitely like it.


  • Very unique design
  • Quality building materials
  • Long leg sleeves
  • Flexible inside


  • Not everybody likes gypsy designs

Justin Women’s Gypsy Waterproof Lace up Boot

Justin Womens Gypsy Waterproof Lace up BootThe boot is a lot like the other Gypsy models that you have seen in different places (if you are familiar with the Gypsy models). Remember, the Gypsy shoes are not for everybody as they are very unique in terms of design, features and obviously the look. If you are one of those people who love to wear something unique and different than all others, this is the category that you should go for. The shoe is leather made and the color is aged bark which is not so common among rain saver shoes. You can take the orthotic insert out if you want which is a good feature.


  • Very flexible
  • Removable orthotic model
  • Very durable
  • Complete leather body


  • Gypsy designs are unique and not for everybody

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Summary of the Best Waterproof Work Boots

It is tough to find the best waterproof work boots around. Those do not come in bunches as rain is not a friend of shoes in general. Hopefully, you will be able to find a good shoe with the help of this review and enjoy rain while working.

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