Best Shoes Buying Guide – How To Buy and Choose Right Shoes

Step By Step Guide To Choose Right Shoes for Your Feet

Getting the perfect pair of shoes for your feet is not a difficult task if you know how to go for it. Shoe is an essential part of our attire and it is very important that you choose the best pair of shoes which will complement your feet. There is a saying that nothing is better than being knowledgeable about a product that you are willing to buy. Therefore, knowing some basic rules and methods will give you an extra boost in the process of buying the perfect pair of shoes from tons of options around. It is not a tough task if you are calculative and knowledgeable. That is exactly what you are going to be with the help of this buying guide.

Step 1: Determining the Arch Type

The first task is to determine the arch type of your leg. It will make the whole process of buying shoe easier later on and this is an easy task to do. Therefore, you should not ignore this part. Simply take a paper and put your wet foot over it. There will be a mark in the paper and that is enough.

The Normal Type

If you see a big band type shape at the outer part of your foot in that wet print, you have normal feet. The ball of your feet will be connected to the heel part in this case. Remember, this is the most common type of feet and you get an additional advantage if you have this type. You can actually wear any shoe you want with normal feet. Even then, there are some specific shoes that will make your feet even more comfortable such as the flexible soft ones. If you do not find the match, do not worry because there are other types to look at too.

The Flat Type

As you can understand from the name ‘flat’, you will be able to see almost the whole feet of yours in the wet print if you have flat type feet. Flat feet category is also known as the overpronator category but most people call this flat type. Remember, your feet can be normal in the initial stage of your life and can be turned into flat later on as you gain weight. The reason behind this is simple. As you gain weight, you will put more force on your legs and slowly, the feet will turn into the flat shape.

The High Arch Feet

The last type of feet is known as the high arch feet. This is the exact opposite of the normal feet type. In this case, you will have a thin type of shape at the outer part of your feet. Again, in the case of high arch feet, your feet ball will be connected to the heel. This is one of the most uncommon feet types that you will find around. For that reason, there are not a lot of shoe options for you to go for. You can select shoes that are flexible and soft inside if you have high arch feet.

Step 2: Time to Figure out The Pronation Level

Pronation is nothing but the movement that your feet has while it struck in the ground. So in simple words, when you take one step with two legs, your legs will pronate for two times. This is important to understand because the shoe type will vary depending on the pronation level of your feet. If you are someone who constantly moves his feet while walking, you will need a shoe with that support (like the athletes for example). On the other hand, if you are someone who is straight and does not pronate at all, you will need hard type shoes (like marine or army people).

Step 3: Select the Best Shoes for Your Feet

To select the best shoes for your feet, you need to make sure that you are keeping all the important facts into consideration. Once you take out any of those points, you will start finding flaws in shoes while wearing. Apart from these technical terms, make sure that you emphasize the look and the color of your shoe as those are important too.

Final Words

Shoe is definitely the most important part of your complete dressing package. There is a saying that the hill directly connects to the brain of your body and therefore, if you have chosen a wrong shoe, your brains might get affected too. Keep those in mind and you will be fine with being smart.

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