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Best Running Apps for iPhone

Running is one those essentials of life that can give our time on earth an extra boost while enjoying one’s fitness to its fullest. To track the running progress and make a better plan of working out nothing can be better than having an app in your iPhone. Here remains the best running apps for iPhone:



Strava focuses on runners who strive to compete and love challenges. Instead of monitoring goals like losing weight or running 10 kilometers, Strava provides accurate data on runners’ pace distribution and interval timing. This app also lets you see the live activity map, where you can compare your pace distribution with other runners, passing the same path.

Special feature

  • Provides visual graph of advanced performance metrics
  • Live-feedback and personalized coaching
  • Join people from different corners of the world in workout challenges

Nike+ Run Club

Runners who love to have coaching from their running app will love Nike+ Run Club. This is a renamed app from Nike, previously known as ‘Nike+ Running’.

Special feature

  • Personalized coaching based on clocked-in miles
  • Dedicated app for apple watch
  • Allows user to pick a power song when some boost is needed


Among Best Running Apps for iPhone, PumaTrac is one of those in the leading positions because of its minimalistic yet extremely functional approach. Its black and white elegant design pattern provides user with intuitive interface that makes the app easy-to-use on the go.

Special feature

  • Provides 30+ fitness activities besides running
  • Allows user explore new running trails around the athlete
  • Inbuilt connection with iTunes

Adidas Train & Run

adidas Train & Run takes more of a personal trainer’s approach using iPhone as the medium. Keeping track of training schedules and workout details, this app makes the user focused on the fitness goal. Beginner runners will find this app more pleasurable to use because of its voice coaching in real-time which helps to know the performance status and next good thing to do.

Special feature

  • Professional training advice and words of motivation
  • No charge/fees
  • Personalized training plans


Runkeeper is renowned for its accurate tracking of distance and steps and this feature makes it popular among the professional athletes and runners. It gives audio update on total distance crossed, calorie count and speed. By setting up personalized goals, here one can track his progress over time.

Special feature

  • Highly functional pace, steps, distance and calorie tracking
  • Half and full Marathon plans for training
  • Ability to keep detailed history of workout and share progress with friends


People who want more than just a running app, Runtastic is just for them. It does not just monitor running activity but helps one to indulge into different fitness activities like biking, snowboarding, skiing, kayaking etc. It becomes fantastic when it comes to the matter of pre and post workout situations. It helps to pick tracks by showing weather, temperature and sunrise/sunset schedule. After finishing training sessions, this app logs all the user information in the health module of Apple and based on that provides hydration recommendations.

Special feature

  • GPS tracking in real time of favorite fitness activity
  • Auto-pause mode for tracking convenience
  • Inbuilt music player and powerful song for power-packed workout


MapMyRun is one of the Best Running Apps for iPhone because of its advanced usage. Besides tracking route, pace, calories and distance, this app also lets the user track the mileage of his athletic shoes and tell when it is time for taking up a new pair. It also allows user to get involved into friendly challenges with millions of people around the globe. Winning challenges, climbing the leaderboard and sharing achievements with friends give the user more meaning to his running schedule.

Special feature

  • Monitors multiple activities like running, walking, cycling, gym workouts, yoga etc.
  • Builds running community that makes the user more enthusiastic towards achieving the goal
  • Ultimate compatibility with wide range of sports accessories and fitness gear


All these apps have been praised highly by the iPhone users and are still being shared worldwide. Of course, these have certain limitations, but their ingenious qualities cover up for the features that the users are not happy with. Giving one of theseBest Running Apps for iPhonesa go would surely be worth trying to achieve a better fitness.

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