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Top 5 Best New Balance Running Shoes Reviews 2017

Top 5 Best New Balance Running Shoes Reviews 2017 – New Balance has always been the prime choice of runners for the last couple of years. Like any other quality brands, the New Balance kept releasing different versions of shoes keeping various interests into consideration. The whole scenario has gone to a point where it is tough at time to find the perfect shoe from the wide variety of lists. To make your running life easier, have a look at the best new balance running shoes reviews which will give you enough idea to pick one.

New Balance 675V2 Running Shoe

New Balance Women's W675V2 Running Shoe

The first one in our list of the best new balance running shoes reviews is the 675V2 running shoe which has been successfully satisfying runners for a long time now. There are three different colors along with all the sizes to make sure that you do not face that common problem of not finding the right fit. The shoe comes at a great price and it is possibly one of the most value priced shoes in the running industry. The shoe is comfortable inside and the look is classy outside. Overall, it is a good package to go for.


  • The upper and heal area are padded
  • The rubber sole enhances stability
  • Breathable mesh keeps the airflow active


  • Only three color options are available
  • The model is not that durable in the long run

New Balance 608V4 Training Shoe

New Balance Men's MX608V4 Training Shoe

As you can understand from the name, the New Balance 608V4 makes into the best new balance running shoe reviews for many reasons but primarily for the nature of its being the best training shoe around. A training shoe should have a few common features and those are exclusively present in this version. There are tons of colors and size options to pick one. The shoe can take a lot of pain and you can actually wear this anywhere with anything. Being a training shoe has its own benefits. The shafts and the heel area are made to take pressures. This shoe can actually work like a horse.


  • Very durable
  • There are more than 10 color options
  • Available sizes for everyone
  • Great dual density collar for extra comfort


  • The arch support is not up to the mark

New Balance T410V4 Trail Running Shoe

New Balance Women's WT410V4 Trail-Running Shoe

There are some shoes which do not need much to be said about. You have a look at them and you understand everything. The T410V4 is one of them and that is why the shoe is a part of our best new balance running shoe reviews. This is a trail runner and this shoe does not promise you much. Is that a good thing? Well, it depends on how you see things. The shoe clearly tells you the things that it can perform and it does those tasks picture perfectly. This is the reason that why it has been considered as one of the best running shoes of New Balance.


  • Super durable in the long run
  • The IMEVA foam enhances comfort inside
  • The XLT foot bed is actually good for the skin of your feet


  • The shoe is not waterproof & will damage quickly in touch of water

New Balance T610V4 Trail Running Shoe

New Balance T610V4 Trail Running Shoe

Well, you already got the idea of a trail runner from the previous review. This is a similar option with similar features. The T610V4 has been designed for people who love funky and cool looks on their shoes. Therefore, you get the idea. If you are into cool looks and modern designs, you now know which one to go for. The product is pretty much a standard trail runner. The price is great and the features that you receive within that price range are brilliant. The synthetic sole along with the body will definitely make you run harder and smoother.


  • No sew overlays (no chance of losing sews as there is no sew)
  • Perfectly stitched
  • The bottom sole is hard and durable


  • The shoeless becomes weaker after a few miles of running at times

New Balance L574 Core Plus Collection Sneaker

New Balance Men's ML574 Core Plus Collection Sneaker

This shoe is a rear combination of a runner and a party popper. You will often find shoes that are good for dual purposes. For example, you might find shoes that are great for parties and hangouts but it is tough to find something that can be used for both parties and running. This is a rear combo and that is why it made it into our best running shoe reviews. There are more than ten color options available to choose from and the sizes are universal. This is a shoe that will easily make you fall in love with it. That is why people are buying this and being satisfied for a long time now.


  • All shoes are handmade
  • The vamp is wide enough to support air and breathing
  • Extra cushioning enhances comfort


  • Check the size properly. The size may create problem internationally

Best New Balance Running Shoes Review – The Verdict

Well, running shoe is something that every runner needs. It is better to go for a quality shoe at the very beginning so that you do not need to change it every month. Running shoes are tough and rugged in general so pick one keeping those criteria in your mind. None of these shoes are bad in terms of quality but obviously, not every piece will suit everybody. Therefore, pick your choice wisely and go for running.

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