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ASICS Gel-Resolution 5 Tennis Shoe Reviews

When it is Asics Gel-Resolution 5 Tennis shoe, you do not have to worry about your tennis needs at all. The shoe is good enough to make you feel comfortable not only with the features but also with the look and the class of this model. Both the men line and the women line are great for people who are interested in tennis.

ASICS Men's Gel-Resolution 5 Tennis Shoe    ASICS Women's Gel-Resolution 5 Tennis Shoe


Construction & Features:

When you are going for a shoe like Asics Gel Resolution 5 tennis shoe, you have specific needs in mind and it is important that most of those are filled. If you are someone who loves colors in shoes then you might get disappointed as the shoes do not come in a ton of colors. The rubber sole and the synthetic body will keep your legs comfortable which is important in tennis games.

When you are playing tennis, balance is a vital issue as you need to move quickly sidewise on the ground. The lace up nature makes sure that there is flexibility and comfort while you are moving fast.

Though rubber sole has become super common among all the shoe brands, ASICS still does it better than the other models. You will never face silly problems like displaced sole while playing on a high. Overall, the model is good enough to go for in terms of the features.

Available Models of Asics Gel-Resolution 5 tennis shoe:

  1. ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 5 Tennis Shoe
  2. ASICS Women’s GEL-Resolution 5 Tennis Shoe

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Fitting & Size-Appearance:

If you are a big footer then you might face issues as the company does not produce shoes for big feet lengths. Apart from that, they have sizes for most of the common feet sizes. It is a good idea to take time while you are finding out your size. Though ASICS make international products, the sizes may still vary from country to country which you should consider while ordering.

ASICS Gel Resolution 5 Tennis Shoe


  • The shoe is durable enough
  • Foam inside to keep things comfortable
  • The lace up model helps
  • The synthetic body is dust free
  • Works great in hot weather


  • Limited color options
  • Limited design availability

ASICS Gel-Resolution 5 Review – Final Words

Overall, the ASICS-Gel Resolution 5 tennis shoe is a good one to pick. There are limitations though but those are ignorable in most cases. The product is durable enough to serve you on the long run. Therefore, you will have a quality tennis time with this one.

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